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Movement and mindful exercise. Paying attention to how exercise really makes you feel both physically and emotionally.

In Ayurveda experiencing the elements while exercising is important. In Marbella when we exercise I introduce the elements of sound, sight and smell while exercising.
Yoga is a sister of Ayurveda and exercises both the body and mind. Our Yoga classes are often taken on the beach or in the lush gardens of our retreats , where you can listen to the sounds of the waves, the birds singing in the warmth of the sun and smell the fresh sea air or the sweet smells from the flowers in bloom.

Exercising detoxifies the body, strengthens the heart, boost your mood and increases your stamina. It strengthens the muscles, calms the nervous system, pumps nutrients into your cells and releases endorphins that make you feel more positive.
In our retreats we include all forms of exercise , whether you like to cycle on the beach front, hike , walk or run. If the exercise you enjoy is not included in our retreats you can always let me know and I can arrange it for you.

If you have questions or would like to speak with me personally. about our choice of online or private retreats in Marbella please don’t hesitate to arrange a call or call me on 00 353 87 6613619.

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The Art of Wellbeing

You will experience and learn the ancient art of wellbeing with your own personal Chopra certified instructor who will introduce and guide you to a happier, healthier more balanced you and the long lasting benefits of wellbeing through nutrition, movement, sleep, meditation, emotions and self care in the sunshine.

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