A woman’s Intuition

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Wellness

I have been reading a book called “A woman’s best medicine”, which as the title implies is all about women’s health, happiness, and a long life.

My passion for Ayurveda and its teachings burns brightest when I am working with women and in particular women that are transitioning through the natural state of Perimenopause and menopause.

This should be and is for many women a time of great empowerment. We are thriving in all aspects of life, more confident, grounded, informed, comfortable in our skin.

This book explains how incredible we are.

 It talks about how intuitive women are, with an apparent built-in physiological capability for developing subtle perception, abstract thinking and refined feeling, the essential components for intuition.

We as women can use our intuition when we need to feel if something makes sense, when we require something beyond the facts.

Our intuition enables us to know something directly, without relying on external data.

 Such a developed physiology can enable any woman to support and maintain an inner

awareness and can provide us with a great health advantage.


 At a very basic level Emotions are physical sensations associated with mental thoughts.

The quality of you emotions influences the health of your body and and in Ayurveda your emotions are a fundamental pillar of health.

Emotions are your internal guidance system .


The 4 A’s of emotional wellbeing.

1)Attention- To be heard and understood

2) Affection-To be loved and cared for.

3) Appreciation-To be noticed for our special and unique qualities .

4) Acceptance-To be accepted


The seven Biological responses to unmet needs are.

Flight -flight -freeze 

An instinctual stress resonse putting the body on high alert .


Behaving in a way that attempts to control, manipulate or coerce someone else into getting what you want.

Restful awareness

Meditation , key to unlocking the more expanded levels of emotional responses- the nervous system’s experience of deep peace , stillness and going within.


When your insight and understanding come from within as opposed to the external world .


Creative response

Applying a new context or meaning to a situation or circumstance .

 The Visionary response

The visionary response reflects our connection with Archetypes. We all have the potentials to be Gods and Goddesses.

The great leaders and figures in history have recognised and given their lives a vision. We can all access these psychological potentials within us to create new narratives in our lives.

 Sacred response

Our biology is one of calmness and stillness in whatever we experience because we identify at all times with our ground state -pure  consciousness.


The vast majority of human beings use only the first two responses on a daily basis . However human beings have been given the incredible gift of choice and free will. While our responses to unmet needs can be automatic and based on instinct to survive , through regular meditation practices we have the ability to shift our ego based internal reference point to a soul based one.









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