Ayurvedic Life &Total Wellbeing Coaching .

Change your life in the most profound way.

As a certified Ayurvedic total wellbeing, lifestyle coach and author , I help people to be completely proactive about their Physical and mental health .

As your life coach I will help you to find meaning in your life , a true sense of purpose.

 Helping you to set intentions which together will provide you with the tools to live your life with a deeper sense of  joy and happiness.

During each session you will become empowered to be the very best version of yourself . Being proactive about your mental and physical health, remembering that any issues that are happening in your body are reflected in your mind and any issues that are happening in your mind are reflected in your body.

“You must find a place inside of you where nothing is impossible “Deepak Chopra “


Emotions are your internal guidance system .

The quality of your emotions influences the health of your body .

Learn to respond to challenging situations in a measured way rather than reacting to them in a melodramatic way.

Own your decisions .



Food is your medicine

Learn to eat foods that balance you .Each of us, depending on our dosha have foods that can both balance and bring harmony and foods that unbalance us and cause illness.

Learn about the superfoods that fight inflammation which if left unchecked is the source of many illness including Alzheimers and many types of cancer.

Learn when to eat , and how to boost your immune system.



Yoga, in Sanskrit means Union. The union of body, mind, spirit.

Learn to include asanas that allow you to strengthen your body and mind .

One to one coaching that allows you to choose which areas of the body you need to pay particular attention to, depending on your health, age and disposition.

From soulful Vinyasa Hatha or Yin yoga. A meditation of movement.



Ayurvedic self-care is the deliberate act of engaging in activities that nourish you at every level.

There is no separation between you and nature , therefore you will learn to personalise a daily routine that aligns you to nature .

Learn about the rhythms of nature and how they impact every major function of the body and influence how we feel.

The benefits of Ayurveda are cumulative and Self-care includes rituals that become part of a daily routine which improves the bodies ability to maintain health.

The benefits include , improved digestion and optimal weight , improved mood and feelings of empowerment, increased productivity and discipline as well as increased energy, self-awareness and health and immunity .



Meditation is a tool to rediscover the bodies inner intelligence.

Learn what meditation can do for you . I will help you to understand and practice  the techniques needed to reconnect with your essential self , unfolding your true potential.

You will be provided with your personal Deepak Chopra Primordial sound mantra ( meaning Instrument of the mind ) which allows the mind to detach from its usual occupations and experience spaciousness and calm within.

There are physical emotional and spiritual benefits to mediation which include releasing accumulated stress, lowering cholesterol, decreasing blood pressure and hypertension  and increasing the production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA , to name just a few.



In Ayurveda there are 3 levels of awareness, waking , dreaming and deep sleep.

Sleep is an active dynamic state.

During sleep the body repairs and rebuilds itself, carrying out processes that are vital for mental and physical health.

The minimum amount of sleep that an adult needs is 7 hours per night.

Restorative sleep is essential. It repairs, detoxes and rejuvenates .

Every major chronic disease has links to sleep deficiency .Sleep deficiency causes emotional reactivity , lessens your ability to handle stress , you will be more likely to be sick and less likely to be able to carry out routine activities.

I provide recommendations, guidance and advise on how to get the best sleep ever.


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