Primordial Sound Meditation.

Primordial Sound Meditation

As its name implies, Primordial Sound Meditation is based on primordial sounds, the most basic sounds or vibrations of nature. There are 108 Primordial Sound mantras, derived from the work of ancient sages who recorded the vibrations of the universe in relation to the position of the moon. When you learn Primordial Sound Meditation, the personal mantra you receive is the sound that the universe was making at the time and place of your birth, when you emerged from the non-local domain of pure potentiality into the manifest world.

According to the Primordial Sound Meditation tradition, the vibration that took you from the non-local domain into the local domain can also take you back, allowing you to journey from activity into silence—into an experience of pure awareness.

Primordial Sound Meditation. This practice is easy to learn, yet it offers profound benefits on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Meditation is an effective way to release stress, get more restful sleep, and enjoy greater energy and well-being. You will be learning about—and experiencing—these benefits as the course unfolds.

At the deepest level, meditation is about awakening to who you really are; it is a progressive quieting of the mind until you get to the source of the mind, which is pure consciousness. In the stillness and silence of pure consciousness, you experience your true nature, which is infinite love, peace, joy, and bliss.



Receive your own personal Primordial sound Mantra during a Sunny long weekend meditation Retreat in Marbella combined with time for relaxation on the beach,  healthy fresh Mediterranean food and all customised around your specific interests.

Course duration : 3 Masterclasses ( 1 hour classes)

These classes can also be made into 2 half days.

Or alternatively can be done online .

The cost for the classes including your personal primordial sound mantra is 350 euro.

The cost of the weekend retreat will depend on the accommodation you choose . Contact Liana for all enquiries.

During the course, you will:

Discover the ultimate purpose of meditation: to awaken to your true self

Explore the latest scientific research showing the benefits of meditation for your physical health and emotional well-being
Learn about the origins of the Primordial Sound Meditation practice and what makes it different from other forms of meditation
Receive your personal mantra based on your time and place of birth
Establish a daily meditation practice that will give you a lifetime of healing benefits
Cultivate self-compassion and creativity
Begin to break free of conditioned patterns of behaviour that prevent you from experiencing your full potential for fulfilment, joy, and peace
Receive support, encouragement, and practical guidance as you develop your meditation practice

Course Overview

Session 1: Principles of Meditation

Lesson 1: What Is Meditation?
Lesson 2: Scientific Benefits of Meditation
Lesson 3: The Antidote to Stress
Lesson 4: Inner Silence
Lesson 5: Software of the Soul
Lesson 6: Layers of Life

Session 2: The Origins of Primordial Sound Meditation
Lesson 1: What Is Primordial Sound Meditation?
Lesson 2: What Is a Mantra?
Lesson 3: Prepare to Receive Your Mantra

Session 3: Mantra Instruction
Lesson 1: Receive your Mantra

Session 4: Perfecting the Practice

Lesson 1: The Structure of Mantras
Lesson 2: Prepare to Meditate
Lesson 3: When to Meditate
Lesson 4: How to Meditate
Lesson 5: Experiences During Meditation
Lesson 6: Mechanics of Stress Release
Lesson 7: Practical Considerations
Lesson 8: Primordial Sound Meditation
Lesson 9: Self-Inquiry

Session 5: Deepening Your Practice

Lesson 1: Set Intentions
Lesson 2: Witness the Benefits
Lesson 3: Trust the Process
Lesson 4: Five Senses Stress Relief
Lesson 5: Cultivate Self-Compassion
Lesson 6: Happiness, Joy, and Play
Lesson 7: Practice Gratitude
Lesson 8: Recapitulation
Lesson 9: Primordial Sound Meditation

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